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CV Skinlabs Restorative Skin Balm—Great for Scars, Cuts, Scrapes, and Dry Skin

by Britta Aragon, Founder of CV Skinlabs

Cancer treatments cause a number of side effects, and some of the most lasting and potentially embarrassing are surgery scars. Whether from breast cancer, throat cancer, skin cancer, or other types of cancer, scars can be painful, irritating, itchy, and uncomfortable, to say nothing of upsetting.

CV Skinlabs Restorative Skin balm


I still have my scar where my port was put in and taken out of my left collar area when I was going through treatment for Hodgkin’s disease. To this day there’s scar tissue left that can be painful when I’m getting a massage.


Deb, a breast cancer survivor, told me this in an interview: “My doctor recommends that I continue moisturizing the radiation site, because it can get tight. I still do it every day, and it will be three years this summer.”


Whether you’re suffering from a new scar, old scar, skin redness or irritation—or just dry, flaky and dull skin—CV Skinlabs Restorative Skin Balm can provide soothing relief while encouraging healing.


Natural and Effective Ingredients

This product was named “Best All-Around Healer 2013” in the Healing Lifestyle & Spa’s (HLS’s) Earth Day Beauty Awards. “There’s always something in need of a little natural TLC—a bump, burn, cut, rash, or bite,” HLS stated. “This balm takes care of them all, with ingredients that have real healing benefits (not just a barrier of petroleum and silicone).”

I was so gratified by this statement, as I put in a lot of time, energy, and resources into finding the right ingredients for this product. I looked specifically for natural options that had healing and soothing powers, and then enlisted the expertise of a highly skilled research team consisting of a toxicologist, a chemist specializing in natural formulations, and doctors. This team screened every prospective ingredient for any known links to cancer, hormone disruption, or other health risks, as well as for any known potential to cause skin irritation, burning, itching, or allergic reaction.

Though safety is our highest priority at CV Skinlabs, we don’t sacrifice efficacy. We put our products through extensive micro-challenge, stability, clinical, and effectiveness testing to be sure the formulas performed as we wanted them to. One of the things we’re especially proud of is our unique Tri-Rescue Complex.

The Tri-Rescue Complex

Every CV Skinlabs product contains this exclusive complex—a unique blend of turmeric, alpha-bisabolol and reishi mushroom. Together, these three natural wonders offer a powerful combination of anti-inflammatory, wound-healing and skin-soothing actions, encouraging repair, healing, and restoration.

  • Turmeric is a spice grown in India and the tropical regions of Asia. The active ingredient is curcumin, which has anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antiseptic qualities. It was even found in some studies to help radiation wound healing.
  • Alpha-bisabolol comes from the chamomile plant (Matricaria recutita), and it also has anti-inflammatory properties, helping to soothe and calm irritated skin. It’s also known to reduce the stresses of the environment on skin, and to accelerate the healing process.
  • Reishi is a type of mushroom described as “tough” and woody.” It has super strong antioxidants, and reduces the risk of allergic reactions. It also retains water, which helps keep the skin hydrated and smooth, while natural anti-inflammatory properties calm any redness or irritation.

The Restorative Skin Balm also has calendula, sea buckthorn oil, and arnica—a powerful trio of plant-based antioxidants, fat-soluble vitamins, and sesquiterpene lactones (naturally occurring plant terpenoids). All of these are known for their healing, immune boosting, antiseptic, and skin-regenerating properties. The product is 100 percent free of synthetic fragrances and dyes, parabens, petrolatum, and other potentially toxic ingredients, and is made with 100 percent natural ingredients.

Customers Rave About the Results

I can tell you about how we formulated this product, but it’s the results that really matter, and those come from my customers. Sarah Jane Mercer, for example—Holistic Health Coach & Healthy Living Expert—felt sick to her stomach when her daughter fell onto a wooden stacker cup and scratched her face.

“I cried harder than she did,” she says. “I treated her cut with your Restorative Skin Balm for a week and now there is basically no mark! Thank you for making such wonderful products that I feel safe putting on my girl!” Sarah also told me that she’s noticed a “dramatic decease in scarring and healing time” herself, when she uses the balm after cutting or burning her skin.

Here are the before and after pictures of her beautiful daughter:

sara baby 1 (2)sara baby 2 (2)


Chris A., a customer from Vancouver, Canada, burned her finger, and used Restorative Skin Balm for over four days. Check out her results:



Jessa Blades, Natural Beauty Expert and Makeup Artist, told us, “The Restorative Skin Balm is basically like a new Neosporin, without petroleum; it’s the balm that seems to help with everything.”

If you’re suffering from burns, scars, or other skin wounds, you may want to try this product, but you can also use it for dry cuticles, chapped lips, eczema, cuts, scrapes, IV areas, abrasions, chaffing, and any other areas needing some real TLC.

Final Thoughts

I started CV Skinlabs because I was frustrated I couldn’t find natural, soothing products during my cancer experience, and my father’s cancer experience. I’ve put my heart and soul into these natural solutions so that others don’t have to suffer from difficult skin conditions we did. I hope you, too, will experience the soothing relief these products can provide!

To purchase CV Skinlabs Restorative Skin Balm click on this link:  CV Skinlabs Restorative Skin Balm from Lots To Live For, Inc.

CV_ Skinlabs_ restorative_ skin_ balm


About the Author:

“No matter where you are on the cancer journey,” Britta says, “you must make time for tender self-care. Not only is your body going through the fight of its life, but so are you—the soul who lives inside. Cancer treatments can really affect our confidence in ways we probably weren’t prepared for. That’s why it’s so important to do everything we can to tend to the problem, while encouraging ourselves to keep our heads high.” Britta Aragon is a cancer survivor, safe cosmetics expert, author, and the founder of CV Skinlabs.      

For more about Britta Aragon, visit her blog at Cinco Vidas.





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Tips to Help You Soothe Radiation Burns from CV Skinlabs founder, Britta Aragon

by Britta Aragon

Ask anyone who’s been through radiation treatments, and they’ll tell you—one of the most difficult things to deal with are the burns.

CV_ skinlabs_collection

Radiation kills cancer cells, but on its way into the body to attack the tumor, it can also damage skin cells. Depending on the intensity or strength of the beam and how many sessions you have, the burns may range from minor redness and swelling, like a sunburn, to more severe blistering, peeling, and flaking.


When treating these types of burns, the standard, over-the-counter petroleum-based product just won’t cut it. Petroleum covers the skin, but does nothing to nourish or heal it, and can actually contribute to more dryness over the long-term. Chemical preservatives and fragrances can also contribute to the irritation and pain.

Instead, what you need when treating radiation burns is a) something to cool it down, b) something to heal it, and c) something to deeply moisturize. Your perfect solution? CV Skinlabs products!


Cool the Heat with Rescue + Relief Spray

Formulated by cancer survivor and safe cosmetics expert Britta Aragon along with her team of doctors, CV Skinlabs products were made specifically for people suffering from the effects of cancer treatments, or who have other difficult skin conditions like excess dryness, redness and inflammation. Formulated with nourishing natural ingredients, these products provide soothing relief and accelerated healing.

For radiation burns, start with cooling down the heat. For that, you need Rescue + Relief Spray

CV_ Skinlabs_ rescue_ and_ relief_ spray

“When your skin is inflamed and sensitive from a sunburn or other sensitivities,” says Frank Lipman, integrative doctor and founder of Eleven-Eleven Wellness Center, “it’s extra important to treat it with serious TLC. For that, I recommend Rescue + Relief Spray by CV Skinlabs.”


  • Provides instant, cooling relief—especially if you store it in the refrigerator
  • Delivers deep, hydrating moisture while calming and soothing inflamed skin
  • Aloe leaf juice soothes on contact
  • Chamomile and cucumber work together to provide cooling and softening benefits
  • Water lily naturally purifies and absorbs heat
  • Valerian and comfrey tame inflammation, calming skin down and encouraging faster healing
  • Unique Tri-Rescue Complex promotes wound-healing and speeds the repair of damaged skin


Apply by simply spraying on the burned area as often as needed. Tip: Take it with you and apply immediately after your radiation treatment before getting dressed.

Soothe the Damaged Skin with Restorative Skin Balm

After cooling the burn, the next thing you need to do is restore it! Burned skin is damaged and suffering from inflammation and a lack of moisture. After your Rescue + Relief spray dries, it’s time to apply Restorative Skin Balm

“I spend hours in the kitchen and have a tendency to cut and burn myself often,” says Sara Jane Mercer, holistic health coach. “CV Skinlabs Restorative Skin Balm has become essential for me in treating my kitchen mishaps. I have noticed a dramatic decrease in scarring and healing time since I began using this incredible product.”

Restorative Skin Balm best all around healer


  • 100% natural, non-petroleum, cure-all balm
  • Instantly softens severely chapped and burned skin
  • Calendula, sea buckthorn oil, and arnica provide fat-soluble vitamins, protective antioxidants, and naturally occurring phytochemicals to help heal and regenerate wounded skin
  • Carnauba and bee’s wax safeguard the moisture barrier
  • Vitamin E protects and speeds healing
  • Tri-Rescue Complex restores more healthy skin

To use, simply apply where needed. It’s particularly effective when used overnight—wake up to softer, more comfortable skin.

Prevent Scarring

Once the skin starts to heal, you want to keep the moisture coming to prevent scarring. Particularly if you need to go back in for another radiation treatment, you want your skin as protected and moisturized as possible, as that helps it better withstand the radiation. That means a little Body Repair Lotion at least a couple times a day.

“The Body Repair Lotion provided almost instant relief for my post-shaving bikini rash,” says Marta Wohrle,  founder of Truth in Aging, “and within a couple of hours, the ugly red bumps had all but disappeared.”

CV_ skinlabs_ body_ repair_ lotion

  • Calms inflammation and delivers long-lasting moisture
  • Ideal for after-burn dryness and tightness
  • Soothes irritation and redness
  • Beta glucan and St. John’s wort possess super moisturizing, collagen-boosting wound healing abilities
  • Calendula and aloe cool and soothe inflammation and pain
  • Tri-Rescue Complex helps protect skin from future damage

Apply at least twice a day to the burned areas and anywhere else you need moisture.

Self-Care is Extremely Important

Radiation burns can be very painful and can get worse with each trip to the oncologist if you’re not careful. By following this regimen of care, you can help your skin heal more quickly and better withstand your cancer treatments—which means you can get well sooner.

Britta Aragon, Founder of CV Skinlabs, Cancer Survivor


Britta_ Aragon_ head_ shot

“No matter where you are on the cancer journey,” Britta says, “you must make time for tender self-care. Not only is your body going through the fight of its life, but so are you—the soul who lives inside. Cancer treatments can really affect our confidence in ways we probably weren’t prepared for. That’s why it’s so important to do everything we can to tend to the problem, while encouraging ourselves to keep our heads high.”


For more about Britta Aragon, visit her blog at Cinco Vidas.


Britta is also the author of When Cancer Hits – Your Guide to Taking Care of the Complete YOU Through Treatment, a complete guide to navigating all the changes you’ll experience between the doctor’s office and everyday living. Whether your future includes surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy, you’ll need to know how to best manage your side effects, stress, and home recovery—and how to sustain positive energy during treatment and beyond.

To view all of the Radiation Skin Care Products available at Lots To Live For, Inc. click here

To enter a raffle to win a free Rescue & Relief Spray visit the Lots To Live For Facebook page – like the page and like the post. The winner will be announced on the Facebook page on 10/7.


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