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Welcome to the New Cancer Blog: Lots To Live For! Tools, Tips, and Info to Help Empower You During Your Journey

Cancer Blog: Lots To Live For!

Cancer Side Effect Solutions | New Developments in Cancer Therapy | Tools, Tips and Info to Help Empower You During Your Journey

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Eight Awesome Tips To Help Cancer Patients

 Acts of Kindness To Help Make Life Easier for A Patient Undergoing Cancer Treatment
It may be an awkward moment when you learn that a friend, loved one, or coworker has been diagnosed with cancer. You may initially be at a loss for words and yet you want to offer empathy and comfort. Here are 8 Tips and Helpful Gifts of Kindness so you can create your own plan to help the cancer patient you know along his or her journey.  Some of the best expressions of support are inexpensive and some are free – but they are all priceless to the patient receiving your kindness.
Kindness during cancer treatment

Kindness during cancer treatment


Gel Sheets for Radiation Burn Care – Cool Magic Gel Sheets and Lind Skin Cooler Rolls

Gel sheets are a handy and noninvasive product that can be used for radiation burn care. They help to soothe and calm radiation burns. Some of our customers tell us they provide incredible relief from pain and itching and that allows them to continue with daily chores and especially to sleep at night! The great thing about gel sheets is that they can be left on for long periods of time (for some people, up to 3 days) and they provide continuous relief. You can also put the gel sheets over radiation creams such as the RADX radiation therapy cream, My Girls Cream or Alra Therapy Lotion

Cancer Gifts – Thoughtful Gifts for Cancer Patients Undergoing Radiation Therapy Treatment

Cancer gifts express your caring, concern and support. If you are having trouble selecting just the right item for your friend or loved one consider buying a product or a collection of products to ease cancer side effects.
Patients who are undergoing radiation therapy often get radiation dermatitis, or radiation burns. There are some excellent creams and lotions that can help to prevent the burns, and then to soothe them if a person has already been burned.  This blog post highlights  some excellent soothing creams and lotions.


Homeopathic Treatment for Radiation Burns and Other Skin Conditions

7 Cream is a homeopathic treatment for radiation burns and radiation dermatitis, as well as an excellent cream for other skin conditions.


Are You Prepared for a Medical Emergency? The Importance of Medical Records and Emergency Contacts

by Margot Malin and Dan Schiavello

You don’t have to be sick to create a personal health record. In fact, the best time to organize your records may be when no one is in a crisis mode.  Why organize your records?  Whether individuals and their families are relatively healthy and going for a routine doctor’s visit, or managing a chronic condition, many want to be actively involved in thier healthcare experience.

The designation of an emergency contact is an important consideration. Many people do not give this the thought that it deserves.  Did you know that medical errors are the third largest cause of death after heart disease and cancer? Read about some important attributes for an emergency contact.


Skin Care during Chemotherapy and Radiation Oncology Treatments

Chemotherapy medications can affect a patient’s skin, hair, and nails. The side effects vary by patient and more broadly by the type of chemotherapy that is being administered.
Before starting treatment, it is suggested that the patient ask their oncologist or oncology nurse what specific skin/hair/nail reactions might be caused by the regimen prescribed. That way, they can better prepare by exploring products that will be helpful.
Some common side effects are dry, flaky or itchy skin. If a patient is receiving radiation, the skin can become burned, or an itchy bumpy rash can develop.  Other skin issues and possible treatments and methods to reduce side effects are included in this post.


What is an Oncology Nurse Navigator?

By  Pam Matten RN, BSN, OCN, guest blogger

The diagnosis and treatment of cancer and living with the disease can be overwhelming for many patients and their family members. The maze of oncology services that families are asked to go through can be intimidating and daunting. A nurse navigator is a professional who comes alongside the family undergoing the cancer crisis. He/she may follow the patient from pre-diagnosis through the continuum of care. The navigator will ensure that the patient is given timely care for appointments, tests and procedures. She educates the patient on treatment options, medication and chemotherapy side effects, and clinical trial options. She may also provide psychosocial support to the patient and family. The navigator will provide resources and referrals to the family such as: financial assistance, support groups, transportation options and complimentary wellness opportunities. The nurse navigator role is integral for families as they navigate through the complexities of cancer care.  (click on the title above to read more)


Why is Our Breath so Important for Cancer Recovery?

Breathing for Cancer Recovery – Calm and Relaxation –  Managing Stress, Fear, Pain and Anxiety
By Diana Ross, guest blogger
The importance of training the breath becomes a powerful tool in managing stress, fear, and anxiety as well as recovery. A focused breathing technique assists in restoring energy and calming the mind, so we need to breathe with greater awareness. The breath is an amazing vehicle in that it is always present. It is effective at every level of self inquiry and acts in both a preventative as well as a restorative manner. Once we bring an awareness of the breath into the moment, where it is most needed, we can then improve our quality of life. We can enjoy quiet moments of meditation: we can enjoy our be-ing.


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