Improve Comfort Beneath the Breast During Radiation Therapy with a ComfortSling®

By Elizabeth Silver


My personal journey began when I was faced with radiotherapy following a lumpectomy for breast cancer.  I created a cushioned sling to minimize the burning side effects on the skin beneath my breast. It was remarkably effective.  I realize that skin types vary, but other than my skin becoming slightly darkened, I had virtually no other side effects. No burns, no chafing.  The wicking fabric prevented accumulation of perspiration and the soft cushions protected my skin from the abrasion of skin to skin contact.  With the support of my doctors, I tested this device with several other women undergoing radiation, and they too reported significantly minimized and/or delayed skin reactions.

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Encouraged by this success, I determined to develop the products further to bring them to market so more women could find relief and protection while undergoing radiation and chemotherapy.  We found the softest fabrics to provide the most effective cushion to cradle and protect the skin; we found equally soft straps and made them fully adjustable so there would be no undue pressure on sore areas beneath the breast.  We are very proud of the results.


Our product was launched in the fall of 2014, and the feedback we have received has exceeded our expectations with women reporting to us that “The sling saved the day.” and   “I found instant relief where I didn’t even realize that I needed it”.


Exciting news!   BreastComfort is delighted to announce that we have begun 2016 with a new partnership with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation –the highest-rated breast cancer charity in the nation.  We are proud to donate 5% of every sale to the BRCF. The BreastComfort logo will be featured on BCRF’s  website at:  It is deeply gratifying to be associated with such an outstanding organization in the fight against this terrible disease.


You can view our products on the Lots To Live For, Inc. website by clicking here.

About the author:

Elizabeth Silver is a cancer survivor, and founder of BreastComfort, Cushioned Slings for Sensitive Skin.



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3 Responses to Improve Comfort Beneath the Breast During Radiation Therapy with a ComfortSling®

  1. Silvia Logan says:

    Radiotherapy can really damage someone’s skin. Some people even felt sick and tired, after using radiation therapy. I wish that there are better therapies to treat breast cancer instead of using radiation and chemotherapy. I have heard that immunotherapy was quite good at treating cancer patients.

  2. Radiotherapy can, indeed, be very damaging to your skin. If the radiation is directed to the underside of your breast, the sling is extremely helpful in either deterring or preventing severe skin reactions by keeping the area dry and preventing your skin from rubbing against itself. Radiotherapy can also make you very tired temporarily. But these seem to be the best treatments we have and, hopefully, the immediate discomfort will protect you from much more extreme discomfort in the future.

    • Silvia Logan says:

      Radiation cann be very bad for your skin. My mother developed redness in her skin with radiation therapy. She even felt tired with this type of therapy. I just hope that I do not get cancer in my life and have to go through chemotherapy and radiation therapy. I hope that immunotherapy and viral therapy is tested on women with all 4 stages of breast cancer. I have heard that they were better than both chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

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