Tips to Improve Comfort During Cancer Treatment / How To Combat Cancer Side Effects

By Margot Malin, CEO and Founder of Lots To Live For, Inc.


Starting either chemotherapy or radiation oncology treatment can feel overwhelming. There are logistics and arrangements to consider, medical research and treatment options to review, as well as getting through daily tasks.  Patients often forget to explore how they can reduce cancer treatment side effects.  Reducing unpleasant and uncomfortable side effects is important because the more comfortable you feel during treatment, the more likely you will be to continue through treatments uninterrupted, and the better your overall frame of mind will be.  We will give you an overview of some simple ways you can combat the side effects of cancer treatment.


Lots to Live For, Inc.  offers a variety of products to help you reduce and relieve side effects of chemotherapy and radiation.  Many of the products have been developed by cancer survivors and thrivers who saw an unmet need when they went through treatment and decided to “pay it forward” by developing a solution. Many of these products are manufactured by small, innovative and entrepreneurial companies without a “national marketing machine” so they may not have recognizable brand names.


Radiation Skin Care

Radiation can cause many different skin reactions – including but not limited to dryness, redness, tenderness, burns, radiation reaction and radiation dermatitis. Some lotions and creams can be very effective at reducing these side effects. Highly effective brands include RADX radiation therapy, My Girls Skin Care (all natural) and 7 Cream (homeopathic). Gel sheets and pads such as CoolMagic hydro gel sheets or the Lind Skin Cooler Roll can be cooling and soothing, and can be applied directly, or over a radiation cream, providing intense relief. Explore products to help heal and soothe radiation burns at Lots To Live For, Inc.


Oral Care

It is a good idea to have your teeth cleaned, or other dental work performed before starting chemotherapy or radiation to your chest and neck area. Many medications will affect your mouth.  Use a gentle toothpaste, such as Biotene, and keep your mouth fresh and lubricated with gentle products such as Biotene or MouthKote Oral Balance can help to soothe mouth sores and enhance hydration.


Hair Care

Many chemotherapy medications can cause hair to fall out, and they can also make the scalp feel itchy and tingly. Explore the newly introduced Penguin Cold Cap to help hair retention during chemotherapy treatment. Thymuskin hair care topical products can help reduce hair loss and accelerate hair regrowth.  Alra shampoo and DermaQOL hair products can help ease an itchy scalp.



Ginger is a natural product that can help nausea.  Biobands are acupressure wristbands that can also help.  Try Queasy Pops and Queasy Drops for added comfort.


Cancer Gifts

All of the products mentioned also make excellent gifts for cancer patients. If you are a friend, relative, caregiver, or co-worker consider a “gift of comfort” as an expression of your concern and support. Click here to find a collection of cancer gifts.


Beyond personal care products that can help maintain comfort during cancer treatment we also share additional lifestyle suggestions.



There is a wealth of information dedicated to healthy eating during cancer treatment. One suggestion is: The American Cancer Society Complete Guide To Nutrition for Cancer Survivors.   There are many articles about superfoods, and the importance of reducing sugar in the diet. Remember to stay well hydrated! We suggest searching the internet for additional information.   The Anti-Cancer Club provides additional suggestions about nutrition.



Research is increasingly proving that gentle exercise has many benefits. Physical activity can decrease depression and anxiety. Additional benefits from exercise may include the reduction of stress, increased confidence and reinforcement of other positive health habits. Exercise can also help the patient gain endurance, increase energy level and decrease fatigue, which may be caused by treatments. Studies have recently shown that exercise may in fact help prevent reoccurrence.


Items to Take to Treatment

Taking these items to treatment with you can help pass the time and keep you warm and comfortable.  Find a cheery and colorful bag to carry: a pen and pad so you can jot down medical questions, a journal if you like to write, an ipod or tablet computer, warm booties, a blanket, a meditation or breathing CD or phone app, a book, warm booties, Queasy Drops to keep your mouth hydrated and water or green tea for additional hydration. Remember to ask your oncology nurse whether these items can be used during your specific therapy.  Remember to dress comfortably too!


This article has offered tips to enhance your comfort during cancer treatment. If you find it helpful, please share it with others traveling a parallel journey.

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5 Responses to Tips to Improve Comfort During Cancer Treatment / How To Combat Cancer Side Effects

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  2. Robert Weiss says:

    Radiation Skin Care: Radiation of the breast damages lymphatic drainage of the breast, and often creates lymphedema of the breast — a swelling of the irradiated breast and a risk factor for breast cellulitis. Manual lymph drainage by a qualified lymphedema therapist is helpful in reducing the swelling and mild compression and compression bras or vests can retard re-swelling.

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  4. Pat Wetzel says:

    Hi Margot!

    Here are a few more thoughts on surviving chemo. They may not all fit in a goodie bag, but they may be helpful:

    1. Bring guided meditations to listen to. It puts your mind in a positive, proactive place.

    2. Line up an acupuncture appointment for before/after chemo. This may not be for everyone, but my experience has been that acupuncture (for me) needs to be an integral part of my treatment plan to minimize side effects such as nausea, hives, and joint swelling.

    3. Get moving as soon as you can. Find an exercise you enjoy and do it. Exercise will help you push through the chemo fatigue and help battle long term tiredness. A large proportion of patients experience fatigue for years; jump on it early and get your body moving!

    4. Find someone you can really talk to. As brave as you may be, you will have moments of anger, fear, exhaustion…whatever. It’s incredibly important to process these emotions.

    Finally, if you know someone going through a cancer experience, give a gift! A cancer goodie bag like Margot’s, a massage, or even a gift certificate. The thoughtfulness of a gift in this scenario is beyond measure. Remember your friends as they go through a difficult time!

  5. Morag Currin says:

    There are actually many different skin care products that have been well scrutinized and tested by myself and my US director Becky Kuehn. We teach estheticians/skin care specialists about ingredients/products that are suitable for skins affected by anti-cancer drug therapies, radiation and in some cases surgery. Any product with fragrance is ruled out as fragrance and preservatives have the highest reaction rate on the skin – especially for those with compromised skins. Certain preservatives are a no-no as well, however, are absolutely necessary. A few amazing products I have seen work are the Eve Taylor Peppermint Hydrosol – on a reactive GvHD skin. I have seen the Tecniche Taheebo Nail Balm be so effective for those dry cuticles, and lips and their Molecular Rice Mask which is hydrating and soothing on a very sensitive skin. The Osmosis Brow Gel’s are awesome for those that need ‘brows/lashes’….and on it goes. We have looked very carefully at all listed ingredients to ensure NO reactions.

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